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Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., the most professional amusement ride manufacturer in China, has been always and also will be in the leading position of the amusement park equipment industry. Beston manufactures and supplies all types of kiddie amusement rides, family rides, thrill rides, mechanical rides and various inflatables, such as inflatable slides, bounce houses, bouncy castles, inflatable combos, inflatable twister, inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable fun city, inflatable pools and tents and so on. All amusement equipment and inflatables in Beston amusement equipment are excellent in quality and lower in prices, and adopt superior quality materials and advanced technologies and have exported to countries and areas around the world.

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In particular, the trackless trains are one of the best-selling kiddie rides in Beston. As for the trackless train, it belongs to the tourist trains. The tourist trains are also called mini electric trains and are composed of the trackless trains and the amusement park trains with track. These trackless trains and park trains with track can be applied to all sort of venues, such as indoor malls, family entertainment center and also popular for outdoor application such as theme parks, festivals, promotional and special events, zoos, parks and gardens, as well as at both public and private events. Beston offers party trackless trains, miniature trains with track, small kids electric trains with track in the backyard, trackless trains for the malls and so on. We also can customize a particular trains according to your requirements. Besides, all trackless train for sale in Beston is in the highest quality with the lower prices for customers. There is no need to worry about your budgets and there must be one model of trackless trains and mini electric trains with track that you can afford it. Beston will always be here ready to help you find the most suitable park trains. Please feel free to leave your message here and, if necessary, contact us immediately!

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