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The barrel train, an interesting American idea, was firstly introduced to China many years ago and has experienced a significantly development. Until now, the barrel trains is a small trailer and when linked together they form a rugged off road train. Since it comes into being, the electric trackless trains has quickly become a hit at many amusement or farm parks. The drum barrel train ride can be manufactured with the wooden, plastic or the metal (mostly the metal) drum barrel as well we the metal wheel. In the barrel trains, the barrel of the mini trains runs follow the one in front, so it can meander anywhere. Besides, every barrel trains are equipped with a safety belt. What’s more, the barrel trains have advantages of versatility, easy operation, safer and reliability. The barrel train is manufactured mainly for campgrounds, carnivals, and other amusement locations and it is great to use it as a small business, fundraisers, birthday parties and special events.

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Amusement Park Train Manufacturers – Beston Group

As the amusement park train manufacturer in China, Beston also supplies best selling barrel train for sale for customers in many countries and areas. The barrel train in Beston adopt many production methods to manufacture the mini electric trains with barrel drum including certified welding, bending, cutting, and precision machining techniques. And the kid train is mainly composed of stainless steel tubing and plastic tanks. After production, the barrel train should be through comprehensive testing and inspections before the trains leave our factory, which can guarantee the quality and integrity of the barrel trains. The park ride have no height requirement for the riders and only requirement it that the riders must can sit up on their own. All kids and adults love the fun kid friendly ride – Beston barrel trains.

BNTT-16A-2 Fiber Glass Trackless Train for Sale

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BNTT-16A-2 Fiber Glass Trackless Train for Sale

Capacity: 16 persons
Power: 5KW
Speed: 7-12km/h
Maximum grade ability: ≦15o
Turning radius: ≧2.5m
Capacity: 6 kids or 4 adults per coaches
Structure: 1 locomotive, 4 coaches
Locomotive size: 330*130*210cm
Cabin size: 160*100*200cm
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